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and you're doing this...why?

mike bender is making plans to stop by my house. every weekend. well, at least that's what he told my mom saturday when he was HERE. and i WASN'T. am i cool? does he want to be friends? that's fucking awesome. i doubt he's hoping for something more. and if he is, it's too bad. i'm in love.
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August 16 2002, 07:02:42 UTC 15 years ago

With who Chris, Or Travis?



August 16 2002, 07:03:59 UTC 15 years ago

With who Chris, or Travis?
it's definitly not travis...
but you banged him. shit you probably still are
actually i'm not. yeah, i did. it was a mistake. but we're just friends. i have no interest in being with him, or anyone else for that matter, other than the obvious. and yeah...who is this?


August 21 2002, 23:32:14 UTC 15 years ago

was it a mistake when you fucked everyone else, too?
or was it just a mistake when you didn't tell your boyfriend about it?

actually no, i didn't fuck anyone else. no one else except for travis. and if i could take it back, i would. if i could take back lying to chris, i would. no, i'm not a slut. i had my reason, bad tho they were. so yes, it is chris that i love, not travis and no one else. if i had fucked someone else, i would have told him the night i told him about travis. i'm not a liar. i lied to chris once. and i'd never do it again.


August 24 2002, 15:02:25 UTC 15 years ago

so.. how's being completely insane working out for you? whore.