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"how old are you and what kind of car do you drive"-john

little boys are so rediculous.
last nite was fucking awesome. eric and dan stopped by my house to get my brother, and invited me to go "camping". yeah, well...camping consisted of a tent in his living room...and massive amounts of beer. it was crazy. like my whole gym class was there. kehoe drank a bottle of piss thinking it was jack daniels. haha asshole. me and courtney were chillen hard with my gym class.
i ended up sleeping there. waking up periodically to stare at the tent. john was sleeping behind eric's chair. jim was crashed on the couch, ryan was...who cares and i was in the middle of the floor.
i'm going back around 5:30..probably. i want to go back's most def going to be a bit odd.
i got a surprise today. it confused the shit out of me, but it was still...something i wanted. i love getting flowers.
well, yeah. that's all i have to say.
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