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you're having the time of my life, and i think you're much too late

some people will change totally when they're around their's amazing.
yesterday i drank cider for breakfast. cider and chocolate. haha. then courtney came over and we went to ed's to watch clerks. then we went to wendy's and then to colin's.
my mohawk is no longer. thank god. justin cut my hair for me cause he's a good guy. colin got his kitten. she's so fucking cute. i missed colin. back to his house every day. haha. oofus was there too. i don't get him sometimes. it blows my mind.
i woke up this morning remembering when i first moved here, crept downstairs and expected to see mike's board next to my dryer. i'll call him tonite and see when he's coming to collingswood. hopefully before i move.
fate and i are going to have to have a little talk...
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